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1 Bookings are valid between the lead passenger only and Spanish Horizons when a deposit of 25% has been made or full payment (less than 8 week prior to departure).

2 Bookings are valid & legally binding when an e mail confirmation is forwarded to Spanish Horizons, ie, in writing, via...mark_gallagher@ntlworld.com.

3 Only the lead passenger may correspond with Spanish Horizons on all matters pertaining to the booking.

4 Cancellations do happen and the following charges are made.

4A Cancellations made 8 weeks prior to departure only the deposit will be retained by Spanish Horizons.

4B Cancellations made 6 weeks prior to departure 50% shall be retained, 2 weeks 75% and under 14 days 100%

4C Any amendments by the lead passenger to a booking made and confirmed shall be charged at £15.

4D Any document having to be re-sent, re-printed, ie, re-ordered, through no fault of our own shall be charged at £10 per document, £25 maximum.

4E Balance payments should be made promptly 8 weeks prior to departure. Spanish Horizons shall not be held responsible where upon payments are late. Our suppliers of accommodation demand prompt payments and have the right to cancel bookings where we, or our clients have not paid on time.

5 It is a condition of booking that adequate Travel Insurance is therefore taken out, preferably at the time of booking. Spanish Horizons will add Insurance to the booking at all times and only proof of cover, ie, a copy of the document will be seen as sufficient. Home contents Insurance, for example, shall not be deemed as adaquate cover. In short, it is our clients responsibility to show that they are covered otherwise the insurance offered by Spanish Horizons, at very reasonable rates, will be added to all bookings.

6 Problems do arise from time to time and it is essential that our guests (the lead passenger) contact us immediatley by phone or e mail where we will do our utmost to solve the situation. Spanish Horizons will not accept clients returning from abroad and making compensation claims where we have not been notified in advance, ie, whilst abroad. Please keep our contact details with you at all times.

6A Spanish Horizons do reserve the right to alter accommodation where and when circumstances are out of our control.

6B Complaints, should they arise, be first made clear to the resort reception. If this does not resolve any dispute then Spanish Horizons should be contacted immediately. Postal complaints, ie, in writing, must be made within 14 days of our clients return to the UK.

7 Building work is carried out from time to time and whilst we do our utmost to keep an eye on things in our overseas resorts we cannot always have the power over local work practice. We will always keep our clients informed of major work in the areas to be visited. At present there is nothing to report for the coming season in our resorts.

8 Once a deposit or full payment is received the lead passenger and Spanish Horizons have entered into a legal contract which is governed by the English courts. This is binding.

9 The lead passenger is responsible for any breakages incurred during their stay and shall be charged either locally or on return for any damage caused by them or their party.

10 Night flights are obviously more popular than ever because of the economic bonus they bring but can cause the occasional problem checking in at your destination, say at 3am for example. With the best will in the world we cannot obviously help at this time of the morning but any delays during checking in, however small, must be made clear to us at the first oppotune moment.

11 It sure is different !! Remember, most of us travel abroad for the sunshine. However, we are guests in a foreign land, we must respect the laws and traditions of these lands, sometimes the habits of a lifetime, ie, the service may not always be as fast as the UK, the little monsters, ants and cockroaches, thrive in warm weather, but they are no more than a nuisance and should be reported to your maid or reception, as should any other problem. Please try to remember we are their guests, and we must where possible be patient. However, if any problem persists for longer than reasonable, please contact us immediately.

12 The last condition is not so much a condition as well worn advice. If you are planning a new wardrobe, new camera etc for your forthcoming holiday, keep the receipts. Insurance companys are notorious for receipts !!

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